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Smart Crane for Quenching

Product Name: Smart Crane for Quenching

1. Weihua patented wire rope adjustment device

2. Weihua independent patent anti-sway technology

3. C-type hook special spreader

4. Intelligent Control System


Smart crane for quenching is a quenching workshop bridge crane for hoisting high-temperature profiles or bars and during quenching process. 



Smart crane for quenching is a quenching workshop bridge crane for hoisting high-temperature profiles or bars and during quenching process. After the high-temperature bars are released from the oven, they are transported by a flat car to the designated location. The crane runs in place and lifts the high-temperature bars for heat treatment in quenching pool, finally the bars were lifted and placed to the designated position, and wait for the instruction before proceeding to the next working cycle. The heat bar temperature is 1050℃ and the environment is very hot and humid. The biggest highlight of the entire process is unmanned operation and automatic operation.

While buying a cost effective crane, the price is not the only factor to be kept in mind. The reliability of the crane is also a major factor. A crane is a long term investment. And a problematic crane might cost you a lot of money for repairing and maintaining purposes. A problematic crane might also increase the break time of your operation.

Advantages of Weihua Smart Quenching Crane:

1. Weihua patented wire rope adjustment device:

The lifting mechanism adopts a single-drive double-drum structure to ensure the synchronization of the lifting of the double lifting points and the wire rope adjustment device can be used to quickly level the spreader.

2. Weihua independent patent anti-sway technology:

The whole machine is equipped with rigid guide column and horizontal guide wheel device with anti-sway and precise positioning function.

3. C-type hook special spreader:

Equipped with special spreader for quenching C-shaped hooks. Multiple C-shaped hooks are equipped with detachable pin assembly. The connection position is set on the side. Maintenance is convenient and the lifting space is effectively improved.

4. Intelligent Control System:

The control system is equipped with wireless remote control and ground pendant control. It uses famous-brand wireless communication equipment to realize the information interaction between the remote-control station and the driving. It has remote control and fully automatic control modes.

5. High-precision positioning:

The positioning system uses an absolute encoder and position detection switch to automatically correct to avoid accumulated errors and achieve high-precision positioning.

6. Safe and efficient:

The control system receives the commands sent by the host system to realize full-automatic operation. It has functions such as stable handling, light lifting, rapid quenching, and anti-collision.

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