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Electric Chain Block

Product: Electric Chain Block

Capacity: 0.25t - 10t

Single Speed and Double Speed

Single Chain and Double Chain

Fixed type and Trolley Type

Application: single girder bridge crane, double girder bridge crane, jib crane, gantry crane.


Weihua Electric chain block has high-strength aluminum alloy shell with beautiful appearance, compact body, small size and light weight. It adopts two-stage gear transmission, high-speed stage is helical gear transmission; so, this chain block has stable transmission, less noise, and the components are with high strength.

The main parts of this chain block are made of high-alloy steel and processed by multiple heat treatment. Therefore, it has the features of high strength and good wear resistance. The hooks are made of high-strength alloy steel. After strengthening heat treatment, they are very strong, even in case of overload, the hook won't break.

The electric chain block is simple to operate and maintain. It can be fitted on electric or manualsingle girder bridge crane,double girder bridge crane,jib crane,gantry craneand other cranes. And it can be used in factories, mines, ports, warehouses, freight yards, shops, etc. It is an essential machine for improving labor efficiency and working conditions.


1. Aluminum shell body

Anti-rust, anti-corrosion, no deform, safe;

2. Travel limit switch

Up and down traveling limit switch, automatic stop, to limit the chain traveling within the stroke;

3. High strength chain

High strength chain for all working conditions;

4. Pendant control

Button pushing pendant, comfortable pushing;

· single speed 0.5t trolley type,

· single speed 0.5t fixed type,

· single speed 1t trolley type,

· single speed 1t fixed type,

· single speed 2t double chain trolley type,

· single speed 2t double chain fixed type,

· single speed 2t single chain trolley type,

· single speed 2t single chain fixed type,

· single speed 3t trolley type,

· single speed 3t fixed type,

· single speed 5t trolley type,

· single speed 5t fixed type,

· single speed 7.5t trolley type,

· single speed 7.5t fixed type,

· single speed 10t trolley type,

· single speed 10t fixed type,

· two-speed 0.5t trolley type,

· two-speed 0.5t fixed type,

· two-speed 1t trolley type,

· two-speed 1t fixed type,

· double speed 2t double chain trolley type,

· double speed 2t double chain fixed type,

· double speed 2t single chain trolley type,

· double speed 2t single chain fixed type,

· two-speed 3t trolley type,

· two-speed 3t fixed type,

· two-speed 5t trolley type,

· dual speed 5t fixed type,

· two-speed 7.5t operating type,

· two-speed 7.5t fixed type,

· two-speed 10t trolley type,

· dual speed 10t fixed

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