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Charging Crane

The charging crane is used for lifting and transport scrap, liquid steel and other auxiliary materials to the converters and electric furnace in smelting workshop. The charging cranes capacities mainly including 20+20ton to 110+110ton, 180/50ton, 240/80ton, 260/80ton and 300/80ton. Crane span up to 30m, hoisting height up to 30m, work duty A7 and A8. The charging crane can work as backup to the ladle crane if needed.


Safety and reliability are always the key consideration in the crane design and manufacture since the harsh working environment, high ambient temperature,flames and radiated heat and extremely working duty.

The pouring bridge cranes are the main handling equipment, which is used at metallurgical enterprises for hot metal transportation, charging and casting.Generally, they are applied for charging molten cast iron into converters or into charging aisle of electric furnace, as well as for transporting a ladle with molten steel onto a receiving device or transporting molten steel onto a ladle furnace for further metal purification.

Weihua chargingcrane structureforms mainly consist of double beam single trolleyand double beam double trolley. we can also design, manufacture, install and commissioningcustomizedfeeding cranes according to customer specific needs.

The double beam and double trolley structure has advantages of balanced force on main beam and flexible feeding. The two sets of hoisting mechanisms are arranged on two different trolleys, so that the two trolleys can work separately or under tandem operation.

The double beam single trolley structure owns advantages of light deadweight, small size, flexible feeding. Two sets of lifting mechanisms are designed on the same trolley, and the trolley runs on the tracks of two main girders.

Main Features and Benefits of our Charging Crane

1.It adopts Siemens PLC and Siemens inverter for control and drive. At the same time, Profinet is used for communication between PLC and inverter. It is equipped with communication detection function, which can detect the working status of each station in real time.

2.A monitoring system is installed to monitor the working status of the crane in real time.

3.The hoisting mechanism of the charging crane adopts redundant system design to ensure the safety and reliability of lifting liquid metal.

4.It is with wireless transmission and electronic scales, real-time transmission of the weight of liquid metal.

5.Each crane is designed with an electric room, and an electric fan is installed in the electric room to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the electrical equipment.

6.Main and auxiliary trolley to realize the unmanned automatic hanging ladle and save the cost.

7.The overall design is with lightweight and compact structure.

8.Low height, light self-weight, small hook limit, large working range.

9.High quality parts, durable, safe and reliable.

10.Less maintenance and repair costs.

11.Small total crane power and low energy consumption.

12.Frequency control, smooth lifting and less impact.

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