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Semi Gantry Crane

Product Name: Semi Gantry Crane or One Leg Gantry Crane

Capacity: 1t ~ 800t

Type: Single girder and double girder

Lifting Height: 1m ~ 35m


Semi gantry crane is a one leg gantry crane with the other side being supported by a long supporting beam. Uses can choose single girder or double girder according to the lifting capacity. 


Semi gantry crane is a one leg gantry crane with the other side being supported by a long supporting beam usually fitted on indoor workshop structure or outdoor workshop wall.

What is gantry cranes? A gantry crane is a type of overhead crane that uses legs to support the bridge, trolley, and hoist. These legs travel on tires, usually referred to as casters, or ride on rails implanted in the ground. A gantry crane is typically used for outdoor applications or below existing overhead bridge crane systems.

Semi gantry crane is actually a special bridge crane. Users can choose double girder type or single girder type according to the lifting capacity. Under normal circumstances, a single girder semi gantry crane can be employed to handle stuff with lifting weight less than 50t and span less 35m. If it needs wide gantry leg, high speed operation, to lift heavy pieces and long pieces, use should choose double beam gantry crane.


Weihua single girder semi gantry crane is equipped with a CD1 MD1 electric hoist as lifting mechanism, while double girder semi gantry crane is equipped with a trolley as lifting mechanism. And the girder can box beam or lattice girder for customer's option. The spreader also can be many different types. For example, we provide electromagnetic hanging beam as spreader for lifting steel pipes or steel sheet.


Advanced Production of Weihua Semi Gantry Crane:

1.All steel plates are processed by pretreatment production line: Shot blasting – Painting – Paint Drying, Eliminate stress in steel plate, and increase Adhesion between paint and steel plate and anti-corrosion.

2.Adopt Germany Messer plasma CNC cutting machine to cut steel plate with high efficiency and accuracy (±1mm).

3.Rolling drum with seamless steel with pressure 1250t. Auto welding and heavy duty CNC lathe for processing.

4.Double gun gantry submerged arc welding for end beam processing.

5.Welding robot for main beam welding, MAG welding for inside seam welding, Ar+CO2 Mixed protective gas.

6.X-ray flaw detection, Ultrasonic flaw detection for welding seam.

7.High temperature quenching and quenching and tempering treatment for wheels to release internal stress.

8.Annealing furnace (1000mm*4000mm*4000mm) for annealing of trolley, rolling drum, balancing beam, wheel group and spreader.

9.Anti-sway system can be equipped according to customers' requirement.


Protection Devices:

1.Overload limiter;

2.Polyurethane rubber buffer, long service life and impact resistance;

3.Crane travelling limit switch;

4.Loss pressure protection, fault phase protection;

5.Emergency stop system;

6.Lifting height limiter;


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