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Weihua Crane CMS Control System


The most common type of overhead crane used in manufacturing environments is the overhead bridge crane. This crane runs on elevated tracks and is a popular choice because it offers hook motion along three axes—up and down, back and forth, and side to side. These cranes can run either on top of girders or be underhung.

Working Principle:

PLC carries out real-time collection of a variety of information, and the collected data will be packaged and sent to Industrial computer equipped with CMS via Ethernet. CMS monitoring system can take the data for storage, display, operation, alarm, etc., so that users are able to monitor the crane remotely, and the monitoring system is also connected with the database, which will store the alarm data, historical data, operational action information in the database, making it easy to find fault.

In addition the monitoring system also has remote access capabilities, users can access all the information on the host through the IE browser to achieve multi-point monitoring.

Application Advantages:

1. Show the scene of workflow, real-time monitoring of work status.

2. Realize the record and storage of historical data, alarm data, operational data, and data retrieval, screening.

3. Animated display more intuitive and eye-catching.

4. Achieve centralized management of control, to conduct a comprehensive monitoring.

5. Realize remote monitoring of on-site workflow.

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