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Weihua Bridge Crane for Tunneling Shield Production


Single Girder bridge crane– The bridge consists of one girder beam supported on each side by an end truck. The trolley and hoist are underhung—meaning they run on the bottom flange of the single girder. Single girder cranes are typically less expensive due to:1,Reduction in freight expenses. 2,Faster installation 3,Simpler hoist and trolley design 4,Lighter runway beams.

World largest cross-section rectangular shield machine 10.12 m × 7.27 m

The development of manufacturing industry is inseparable from lifting equipment. Cranes play an important role for China's tunneling shield design and manufacturing. You can easily find Weihua bridge crane for tunneling shield production, which are used for the loading, unloading, turning and launching of tunneling shield.


Weihua cranes have served many landmark shield machines in China. In the future, Weihua Crane will continue to conduct in-depth product and market research, and actively expand product features, to promote China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry.


World first horseshoe shield machine 10.95 m × 11.9 m




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