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Cranes for Aerospace and Military Industry

Weihua is the cooperation enterprise with China Aerospace and Military industry and supplies products to Jiuquan, Taiyuan, Xichang, Wenchang satellite launch bases, with the world's leading anti-swing technology. Weihua lifting equipment have employed to the aerospace engineering projects such as Temple space laboratory, Chang'e lunar detectors, Long March carrier rockets, etc.

To tell the truth, overhead cranes for sale are used more widely in the world. There are many difference between them in appearance and in technical standards. While, as the development and the communication of the technology, the different is smaller and smaller, especially in double girder overhead cranes. Now, the main difference is in single girder overhead crane and the mounted electric wire rope hoist.

Product Advantages:

1, Small size, low clearance height, high lifting height, increasing the effective workshop space;

2, Light weight, small wheel pressure, reducing the bearing capacity requirements of the plant, saving the cost of infrastructure investment;

3, High-quality components, durable products, safe and reliable, less product maintenance;

4, Low energy consumption, cost savings, comprehensive use cost can be reduced by 25-50%.


Jiuquan Satellite Launch Base


Jiuquan Satellite Launch Base


Jiuquan Satellite Launch Tower


Xi'an Aerospace Integrated Modality Test Bed


Xi'an Aerospace Engine


China Nuclear Power


China Nuclear Industry, Span: 70m


For Tiangong-2 Carrier Rocket

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