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Bridge Cranes for Metallurgical Industry

Bridge cranes for metallurgical industry are mainly used for the metal smelting, rolling and hot processing and other production processes to complete a specific process at steel plant, which includes casting cranes, quench cranes, slab handling cranes, forging cranes and so on.

Overhead cranes can be designed and built in all kinds of configurations, and different components can be swapped out or engineered to improve its capacity and performance. Some of the most popular reasons for using an overhead crane include: 1, Loading or unloading materials from a truck. 2,Moving materials around a facility more efficiently than a tow motor or manpower can. 3,Flipping or pulling dies in and out of stamping machines at a manufacturing facility. 4,Feeding raw material into a machine at a manufacturing facility. 5,Moving pieces or parts down an assembly line in a controlled fashion. 6,Moving containers around a shipyard or railyard.

Metallurgical cranes work in the high temperature, high dust harsh environment, so they have high level of work, high security and reliability. At present, all kinds of monitoring, sensor control technology and speed control system are equipped in the metallurgical crane which makes the cranes automatic, semi-automatic, high-precision positioning with ergonomic design, structural design and modularity design.

Weihua continue to strengthen research and development efforts, and achieve many breakthroughs on metallurgical cranes. Welcome to contact and visit us.


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