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250t Forging Crane

China's equipment manufacturing industry continues to improve and the forging demand is also increasing. At the same time, the market for forging quality are more stringent. Forging production efficiency, quality improvement is largely improved due to the use of forged cranes. Forged cranes can lift, cushion and reverse the forging, which belongs to a special metallurgical crane.

To tell the truth, overhead cranes for sale are used more widely in the world. There are many difference between them in appearance and in technical standards. While, as the development and the communication of the technology, the different is smaller and smaller, especially in double girder overhead cranes. Now, the main difference is in single girder overhead crane and the mounted electric wire rope hoist.

The 250t forging crane uses a variety of safety devices with high safety and high reliability. It will be employed to lift 1000 ℃ hot steel ingot for a 13500t hydraulic press for forging need.

Features of 205t Forging Crane:

1. Designed with mechanical anti-shock function and mechanical anti-overload function, safe and reliable;

2. It can withstand 1.4 times static load and 1.2 times dynamic load;

3. Three-beam and four-track design, the main and vice beams are of wide flange partial rail box structure;

4. Equipped with a special upender to achieve lifting and turning of the workpiece;

5. The key parts adopt finite element analysis technology for check and calculation;

6. Flexible design, the use of bolts and hinges between the modules, easy installation and maintenance, improve plant utilization, reduce energy consumption, strong adaptability;

7. Computer simulation, analysis and control of of R & D results.




Bridge Assembly


Beam Installation


Trolley Installation


Upender Test


Full Set Installation


250t Forging Crane Installation Finished

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